Posted by Miranda January 21, 2014

Amazing Australian artist Seymour, is all set to release his first resin release. Titled "Tri-Kami", they measure 7" tall, are all hand sculpted, cast and painted with custom packaging. Limited to 10 pieces, the color version is hand painted (not airbrushed)  and covered with a clear lacquer. They are made in three interchangeable pieces, so you can take them apart and put the back together to make many different versions. They will be released via a lottery system starting on Jan 25th at (12pm AEST), by emailing  Priced at $300.  

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Seymour Resin Release: Tri-Kami, by cluttermagazine
imageseymour_3.jpg, by Miranda
imageseymour_1.jpg, by Miranda





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