Posted by Steve January 21, 2014

So the holidays have come to an end and you've probably been thinking to yourself, "What has SoKo Cat and Blazon Brikhaus been up to lately?" The answer...Snowgirls!! A Dunny series limited to 5 unique pieces that were sculpted by Blazon Brikhaus and painted by SoKo Cat. Adventurous Suzy, bubbily Jessica, proper Regina, quirky Olivia, and idealistic Nora are the cute little Snowgirls you want to keep around to make the rest of your winter season a little wait, a little colder....nevermind, you get what I'm trying to say lol. They will be available in SoKo Cat's store on Tuesday January 21 at 12:00PM (noon) EST for $50 each.



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