Posted by Steve January 28, 2014

Ok, so… basically what Mark Gmehling and Creo Design (Chris Alexander) collaborated on is just plain awesome! These extremely talented fellows bring you "Unplugged," a 25cm tall solid resin statue which is visually appealing and, on top of that, a great talking piece. Creo Design was tasked with transforming the 2D digital print of "Unplugged" into the 3D world. Creo then made a limited edition run of 10 pieces that you can order by emailing your note of interest to And while these are priced at 600 euros including shipping, they are truly a work of art and should not by any means be passed up or passed by.

Mark Gmehling the designer of "Unplugged" had this to say...
"The unplugged sculptures and especially the print is inspired by my perception of society as are a lot of my works.
The print shows ten unplugged's do this endless walk-cycle is a metaphor of the daily grind that never stops.
The kind of daily grind where you perceive life through a tunnel that only focuses on sustainable growth and profit maximization.
The brain is unplugged, you are a zombie sleepwaking on autopilot.
In general I do my best to document the trivialty and absurdity of human life in a way that is as clear and easy to read as possible - in the good hope that it needs no explanation.
For me personally the sculpture acts as a memorial to remind me of staying awake."

In closing, get one! Like, seriously…! 


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