Posted by Josh February 03, 2014

Vi Hart… is my new best friend. If you don’t know about Vi Hart she’s a self described Mathemusician. Her work is so good it made me cry when I first watched the 3 part series on Fibonacci numbers, kind of like the voice in my head finally made sense and had found its best friend and she’s way smarter and cooler than me. 

You may not think you need to understand Fibonacci numbers, the real basis for the Pythagorean theorem or 12 tone compositions, Vi Hart will change, open and unleash your mind.

If you find math fascinating but you suck at it… 

If you love stream of consciousness ramble art poem nuts…

If you think universal harmonics are real… vibrations and light underpin reality… patterns and fractals sometimes control your brain…

This is for you. 

You do not have access to view this Atom.

Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant [1 of 3], by Vihart


You do not have access to view this Atom.

What was up with Pythagoras?, by Vihart


You do not have access to view this Atom.

Twelve Tones, by Vihart


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