Posted by Steve February 21, 2014

1. adverse fortune; bad luck.

2. an instance of this; mischance; mishap.

Fortunately this new release by Soko Cat happens not to be a misfortune just happens to be named that. Well not actually named misfortune, more like "Misfortune Cat Relic," a custom of the popular Playge platform. This cute little, knife through the head, three eyed, tongue sticking out of mouth kitty cat stands (correction, sits) a whopping 2.5” tall (I was being sarcastic there just in case you missed that) and is hand-painted with high-quality acrylics. It also comes signed and dated by SoKo Cat herself! This mythical looking, artifcat like feline, is available for purchase for $50 at an ancient temple near you (I really mean Soko Cat's online store,...obviously).


imageMisfortune Cat.jpg, by Steve


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