Posted by baykiddead March 08, 2014
16 All New Cubeecrafts!

You can tell a lot about a person based on the Cubeecrafts they collect and build. For instance, I have in my collection; customs from good friends, Abz, Horrorwood, Tougui, Harlancore, and Jonny Chibba. From the character series, I have Batman (Adam West version), a Stormtrooper, the duo of Daft Punk, the Staypuft Marsmallow Man, Master Shake, and Coach Mcguirk. If you go just on the character series, I'm pretty sure you can begin to form a small picture of who I am, at least as a consumer of pop culture. I should note that the Daft Punk duo was built way before the latest album (which I do not like.)

Anyways, the creative force behind this iconic toy platform has went and gone legit. And by that I mean Christopher Beaumont has released a book featuring 16 never before seen Cubeecraft models. From what I've seen, the toys look great, and continue to add to the already stellar collection of whimsical characters in the Cubee canon. The book can be had via Amazon and I'm already mail box watch mode waiting for my copy.


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