Posted by Miranda March 13, 2014

I'm very excited to announce that Clutter friend Christopher Lee has made a triumphant return to the designer toy industry with his latest toy release "Freeman Robotics". Each figure is 4.5" tall, has two points of articulation, and comes with Power Station accessory. They are each hand painted and come complete in packaging with stickers, a "quick start guide", a safe handling sheet, a "certificate of ownership" (which edition number) and a print of the original concept illustration.... Wowser! 

These will drop on Friday (3/14 at 10am PST) on

Standard (White Edition of 28) - $90
The U-23 was originally a city owned utility storage unit which as been reconfigured for civilian use. With ten cubic feet of internal storage, the U-23 mobile storage unit is indispensable for the urban pack rat.

Nautical Explorer Variant (Orange edition of 8) - $120
Freeman Robotics was contracted by the Ocean Conservation Society to develop a small fleet of U-23's for research and rescue. Only eight were ever made.

Municipal Services Variant  (Green edition of 8) - $145
Before the U-23 was modified and offered for sale to the general public, it was utilized daily by construction and clean up crews around the city. On particularly busy garbage days, Freeman Robotics would send out additional U-23's to speed up trash collection. 

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