Posted by baykiddead March 04, 2014
Obos from the Really Brothers

As a paper toy fiend, I spend a fair amount of time tracking down toys and templates. Okay, I spend a lot of time tracking down toys and templates. The process is akin to a needle in a haystack, and there's a lot of hay out there. So it was a very pleasant surprise to have stumbled onto a photo of these cool monsters from Really Brothers. Not quite a paper toy per se, as there are no templates to download, and zero cutting or glueing involved. They're Obos and they're everything one would want in a toy. Each monster (there are 6 of them) comes as a bright and vibrant cube, with a pull tab that "unlocks" the parts inside. Legs, arms, tentacles, cycloptic eye, hooves, owls... owls?!? You can use the parts that come with each cube to make the monster as is, or start swapping out parts to create your very own versions. Not only are these very cute and enjoyably tactile, but the Really Brothers are comitted to using minimal packaging and FSC Certified materials. Each toy is 100% recyclable.

These toys make a great addition to any collection, or an excellent gift for any toy enthusiast, young or old. Due to the small parts, they aren't for the under 3s. You can buy these awesome monsters either online at Planet Obo or search their in-store guide HERE to see if a toy stoy near you carries them. 


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