Posted by Miranda March 28, 2014

Paul Kaiju has just announced Unchipocalypse! An online raffle where 15 different painted (all unique) Unchiman will be available. They will all be blind bagged and picked and random, but that doesn't matter because they are all awesome! One Unchiman will be available per lottery winner, advance reservations, special selections requests, or multiple raffle entries will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification.

To enter, Click the “Raffle Open” ticket that will appear on starting Sunday, March 30th 12:00 PST. 24 hour lottery ends March 31st 12:00 PST. Winners will be drawn randomly and notified via email within 4 days of Raffle closing. Raffle winner pays $150 plus S & H.  


imagepaulkaiju-unchipocalypse-2.jpg, by Miranda


imagepaulkaiju-unchipocalypse-3.jpg, by Miranda





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