Posted by Trustpigs April 01, 2014

Goodleg Toys's "War on Prehis" line celebrates its one year anniversary and, to commemorate this momentous event, he's releasing "The Meatgrinder" resin cast action figure.

The Meatgrinder is known on Prehis’ as the infamous outlaw and gone bad experiment. Ultimate Cyborg Zombie Battle Drones usually don’t have the ability to think. Although a spark of undead brain activity may remain, which can lead to a sort of semi-consciousness of its holder. Usually this consciousness cannot take control of the body’s actions and remains at a very subliminal state. The Meatgrinder is an exception. He revolted against his former master and killed his entire squad. Which makes him the last of his kind on the entire planet, a self-conscious and extremely lethal one-man-army that bows before no one. A true renegade, grinding everyone and everything to death that gets in his way.

Each of these hand-cast and hand-painted figures feature a full FIVE points of articulation — heads, arms, and waist — and come bagged with a header card as well as the two "War on Prehis" mini-comics, "Rise of the Mace Drone" and "Attack of the Skull Squad." This timed open edition is available now from Goodleg Toys's online shop until Saturday, April 5th, 2014… so get your order in HERE now and snag one of these two-headed gems for only $75!


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