Posted by Trustpigs April 01, 2014

Resin slinger Peter Kato brings another of his adorable original creations to life, completely hand-cast and hand-painted by the artist himself. Entitled "Bedtime Bunnies," these sleepwalking rabbits are an insomniacs dream come true… I mean, how can you resist the power bunny wearing bunnyslippers?!? Made in two different sizes, the 3-inch tall "basic" bunnies are $20 apiece while the 2½-inch tall "mini" versions are a mere $12 apiece! For this initial release, the cute critters have been cast in a colors derived from Sakura cherryblossom — pinks and whites — with each one having contrasting bodies and slippers. Limited to a total edition of roughly 30 pieces, this fantastically fun release will magically appear in Peter Kato's online shop on Thursday, April 3rd, 2013… and, we're sure, will disappear into happy households quickly thereafter!


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