Posted by Trustpigs May 07, 2014

Buff Monster is bringing his Melty Misfits trading card stickers back for a second go around, with the homage to Garbage Pail Kids being financed through Kickstarter this time around. Maintaining those high quality touches — offset printed using custom-mixed inks on custom-made sticker stock, kiss-cut and packaged in a vintage-style wax wrapper — this 2nd Series will feature 40 characters as opposed to the first release's 30, meaning a total of 80 base cards (considering the A/B name versions as per the original GPK sets). And, like the first time, this set will also feature variant cards (featuring slightly different fronts and totally different backs), error cards (intentionally misprinted in a variety of ways), blank-back cards signed by Buff Monster, sketch cards featuring original pencil drawings by Buff Monster, and a Golden Ticket redeemable for an original Melty Misfits painting by Buff Monster! You can snag yourself everything from 2 sealed packs for $10 to a complete base set for $40, or go even higher and be guaranteed things like variants, signed cards, sketches… the skies the limit!

Already completely funded, this Kickstarter campaign is now in the stretch goals phase, giving every backer over $40 four additional foil cards for every $1000 above $16000 (maxing out at $26000). What'll happen when that magic number is reached? Let's find out! Visit the campaign and back it now!


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