Posted by marc June 20, 2014
lunartik titan alien blindbox vinyl toys

Matt JOnes lives a highly caffeinated lifestyle thanks to his love for tea. This is pretty clearly demonstrated by his output of work. In the past handful of days, Lunartik has announced two full blindbox series, one based on Breaking Bad and the newest based on Ridley Scott's and Dan O'Bannon's classic sci-fi film, Alien. The set includes all the members of the Nostromo, human and otherwise. Alien fans have been treated pretty well lately, thanks to Super7 x Funko and now Lunartik x Titan. Of course, the two series couldn't be more different, which means fans are going to clamor over both sets. And that chestburter Kane... I have no words.

Check out our tribute to H. R. Geiger, creature and set designer of Alien, who recently passed away.


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