Posted by Steve June 24, 2014

Shadoe Delgado created these custom pieces as commissions, meaning they are sadly NOT for sale. They've been brought forth for your viewing pleasure, though if you like Delgado's work then I suggest you commission him to whip up something sick for your collection. The first 3 peices are known as the "Shadowboss and minions(redux)," in which "The Shadowboss" is the 7" Munny with a removable mask, which attaches using magnets with a thin layer of leather acting as a buffer to protect the face from scratches, and the smaller two Micro Munnys are the "Shadowlings". The other piece we have, the  "( Fractured ) Shadowlapin," is a 3" Dunny "Shadowlapin" with a broken mask and removable cigar.



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