Posted by Trustpigs July 16, 2014

Peter Kato's popular "Bedtime Bunnies," little sleepwalking bundles of adorable rabbit-ness, shuffle their way forward in the brand new "Nocturnal Purple" colorway! Hued in the colors of a clear night's sky, these dark purple bunnies are indeed wearing bunnyslippers, which makes them possibly the cutest things on Earth. Available in two different sizes, the 3-inch tall "Medium" bunnies for $20 apiece while the 2½-inch tall "Small" versions for a mere $12 apiece, these Nocturnal versions are joined by some Hot Pink as well as Pink-on-Pink versions as well! Available while quantities last, these magical pieces will be in Peter Kato's online shop tonight (July 16th) at 9PM Eastern time.


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