Posted by Geoff May 16, 2007
No sorry ABBA fans i'm not breaking into song to celebrate Eurovision.
New 10" Teddy Troop announced by adfunture featuring Reach. And look it even has some pink on it to satisfy you-know-who!
Apparently due out on the 24th, but not stockists confirmed yet.  
Posted by Miranda May 15, 2007

I ask for pink and what do i get.. Yes PINK!! hurrah!! Now there really is no excuse not to purchase these cushions from




Posted by Geoff May 15, 2007

Lord almighty....look at the size of that!

I really like Touma's work and this 19" Knuckle is looking good already....wonder if they'll do a blank too??

No idea how much this monster is going to be, but if you want one, you might want to start looking down the side of the sofa for some spare change.

Posted by Miranda May 14, 2007

So the latest in TK Max finds are these JB Classics, found in Birmingham TK Max. I didn't buy them cause they are half a size too big! Which i now regret, even though i know i wouldn't wear them because of it. I blame the buggars i was with for not forcing them on me!!

Posted by Nick May 14, 2007

Bit of a serious note for a sec about Maddy McCann, the little girl snatched from a hotel room in Portugal this week. And I'm sure everyone in the UK has seen this site on the news this last week but this is a mere mile from my home and its the eeriest feeling standing there just hoping she is returned safely. Our wishes and prayers go out to her and her family

Posted by Miranda May 14, 2007

So last week I made a scrummy carrot cake, see picture below (I forgot to post it earlier) and yesterday I baked this lovely looking Victoria sponge. Very tasty it is too.

Posted by Nick May 14, 2007

Right if you know me, you know i like Batman. Loved Batman Begins, taking inspiration from Batman stories all over the place. Anyway of course i'm looking forward to the next one, The Dark Knight, which will feature The Joker!!

Anyway while i'm still excited about the whole prospect of the film i'm a bit pissed off that all the official teaser is this measly pic. Ooooo... a batman logo...


Posted by Miranda May 14, 2007
Well everyone needs cushions. It’s a fact of life! So why not make them cute?

This cushion is the latest offerings from and is called Hairy Junior Pillow. Its 16” tall and limited in Qty. It will even be available in different colours (here’s me holding my breath for pink!!).



Posted by Geoff May 14, 2007

Apologies for the picture of Satan.....

Anyone else feeling a bit flat? Maybe it's a Monday thing, but chatting to various people a fair few have said how they feel the 'scene' (horrid phrase but for this purpose it'll do) right now is a little flat.

There's a few big releases on the horizon - Hot Cha Cha Cha, Ringo Bear - but apart from that i'm not seeing many "must...



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