Posted by Nick May 08, 2007

Seems to me like I only ever post stuff about MIST toys, but who cares when they're this cool. Sculpted by the man himself he can fire his arms like rockets!!! Just like the toys you had when you were a kid but i'd imagine he's much MUCH more expensive! Start saving.....




Posted by Miranda May 06, 2007

Clutter issue 10 is now available for pre-order. It will ship on wednesday the 9th of May. Pre-order your copy from NOW DAMN YOU!!



Posted by Geoff May 03, 2007

I swore i'd never buy another Dunny (it's a platform toy thing) and then he goes and does this. And I bet the red one I really, really want is the limited one.


Posted by Nick May 01, 2007

Kozik does guitar picks. Seems only fair that the godfather of the Gig poster did something like this. We just got em in stock at the Clutter Shop so get em now before they disappear. We're only one of the few non music stores to carry these!!



Posted by Geoff May 01, 2007

"his taste went somewhere over that way......"

Time Team...perfect Sunday evening TV after a day's drinking in the park. Most the time they just seem to dig a few trenches, find some pottery then use a comptuer to completely guess what existed there in the Bronze Age.

Still, sometimes they find something truly remarkable - a body, roman floors, digging up the Spitfire...


Posted by Miranda April 30, 2007
Friends with you' s latest playground project had raised a few eyebrows here at the Clutter Office...... How on earth did they get away with this?  

Posted by Miranda April 30, 2007

Here is the cover for the next issue of Clutter. It turned out to be a close vote between design number 2 and 5. We are very pleased with the selection, it rocks. Thanks to everyone that voted!!

Posted by Geoff April 30, 2007

Coming soon (although no date or price!) from Hybrid and Brian Flynn of Super 7 fame - Stealth Cat.

Clear camo vinyl in five colours...mmm...not really digging the number or the jumpman logos on the back, but the sculpt and the stance are awesome.

Looks like some evil mecha from Appleseed or similar. And that is a good thing.

Just praying they don't end...

Posted by Miranda April 30, 2007

I've been meaning to getting round to posting this for a week now so you probably already know about this... I'm lazy, I know! Yes Ashley Wood is bringing Tank Girl into this decade. It's the same writer, Alan Martin, and as the punk chic Tank Girl was sporting in the 90's is now mainstream we are getting a hotter, more sophistiated looking version that will still manage to be one of the boys...


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