Posted by Trustpigs October 22, 2014

Initially released in prototype form at New York Comic Con, The Disarticulators proudly announced that their sofubi Oozeball will finally be available to preorder this week! A follow-up to last years hugely popular keshi-ball release, the DA’s Tru:Tek has completely redesigned the figure from the ground up for the new medium, opting for a more organic, Ooze-It like face, paper clay-style textures and the pièce de résistance… a hidden face inspired by Georges Méliès iconic 1902 silent movie, Le Voyage dans la Lune! Beautifully sculpted by none other than Zectron, the 2-part design has been upscaled from the original 2″ diameter to little over 3″- making it both more in-keeping with the classic Madball scale, and, more interestingly, compatible with a wide variety of mid-sized kaiju with the capped base removed... Currently undergoing wax prototyping over in Japan, the figure is set to be produced in a super-squishy soft vinyl mirroring the original Ooze-It doll, with this first "OG" release coming in an unpainted, pantone perfect deep green (artist interpretation subject to change). Up for preorder in the Man-E-Toys store for a month starting this Friday, October 24th at 9pm GMT until Monday, November 24th, the OG sofubi Oozeball has been priced at just $50 shipped worldwide. ETA for the figure has been set for late January/early February 2015... And this might be your one and only chance at bagging the figure, as all future runs will be super-limited exclusives so be sure to snag one whilst they're readily available!


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