Posted by marc November 25, 2014
ESC-Toy Erick Scarecrow Toys

Erick Scarecrow and company are dropping a ton of new resin toys, custom vinyls, and even a print on Black Friday. Polar Opposite Frost is a 3" open edition resin piece ringing in at a super reasonable $20. Shadow Titan is a transparent black rendition of his custom Attack on Titan custom resin Dunny. This one is limited to 20 pieces, runs $45, and comes with a hilarious decapitated head accessory. Soopa Maria Kiseki uses a very cool color scheme. Only 5 pieces of this 6.75" resin toy are available and they cost $225 each. The Funko Alien customs are limited to 6 pieces per colorway and cost $45 each. Finally, the Edo Period giclee print is limited to 50 pieces and runs $35 each. Hit up this Friday to grab any of these awesome toys!


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