Posted by Trustpigs April 30, 2015

Every Day Originals makes it possible for everyone to be an art collector, with a curated roster of artists that sell original, one-of-a-kind works to the growing market for smaller scale originals. Featuring a selection of talent hand-picked by Drawn + Drafted, the newest member to be inducted was Lana Crooks, who herself has — for years — been building a bridge between the art toy and fine art worlds. Her debut piece for Every Day Originals, titled "Sprout," is a soft sculpture depicting a finch skull with a blooming flower emerging from it. A classic juxtapozition between death and birth, this assemblage includes various hand-dyed textiles — wool, silk, and velvet, most notably — mounted on a brass fitting that holds it aloft of the varnished wood base. Available now from the Every Day Originals website, this unique $170 piece deserves a prominent place of display within your collection.


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