Posted by Miranda July 31, 2015
TwoBit - New Release from David Flores x Bic Plastics

David Flores and Bic Plastics have once again teamed up to bring you the latest figure in the 'stained glass' arsenal; TwoBit. But wait, yes you may have seen this before! This figure was first teased back in 2008, and production shots shown in 2010 - see below -  so fans have been waiting for this one for a little while now.  

Standing at 10" tall, the piece is articulated at the neck and ankles. Produced in a mixture of Vinyl and ABS, this colorway is cast in fluorescent pink, orange and cream. Limited to 800 pieces, it is priced at $135 and will be available for pre-order from Aug 1st at Due to hit the shelves on Sept 20th! 


imagetwobit2.jpg, by Miranda

- Teaser image from 2010 


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