Posted by Miranda August 15, 2015
David Flores Clutter Magazine Issue 29

Continuing to bring you amazing content related to the Designer Toy industry, issue #29; David Flores— August 2015 Issue – features Cover art and lengthy interview with David Flores.

Packed full of great articles & interviews, like:

  • Camila Valdez interview
  • Jump Jumper Ant interview
  • Shing Yon Khor interview
  • an installment of The Monthly DIY
  • and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's Mutantology spotlight on SLAVExONE's Gero.

Not near any free outlet? No need to fear as it is available now directly from Clutter Magazine's online store!


imageCLUTTER_MAGAZINE_ISSUE-29.jpg, by Miranda
imageCLUTTER_MAGAZINE_ISSUE-29_2.jpg, by Miranda

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