Posted by Trustpigs October 29, 2015
DTA Dunny Show 2 Artist Profile: RxSEVEN

Continuing the excitement both Kidrobot and us are feeling for next year's DTA Dunny Show 2, we'd like to introduce you to the talented artist Ricardo Soto, better known under the moniker SE7EN or RxSEVEN. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, this is one customizers that fans of Clutter Gallery shows should certainly be familiar with, as we've had the privilege of showing his animal-based skeletal customs in the past.

Known for telling simultaneously dark and uplifting tales through his works, the imagery of death and decay becomes a tale of rebirth, made all the more clear when paired with Soto's fondness for stars, clouds, and other heavenly forms. Want to learn more about Soto's past and present works, his inspirations and aspirations? Thankfully our friends at Kidrobot have interviewed him, the informative post being able to be read HERE.

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