Posted by marc November 23, 2015
Awesome TVs from JPK, Awesome Toy, and KoreKoreUK

The kaiju we talk about are usually in plastic form, simulacra of the monsters broadcasted over the air in Japan decades ago. But in a Zoolander-esque twist, these kaiju are in the TV - the Awesome TV, that is. Awesome TV is platform from Awesome Toy featuring different artists' images on a small toy TV. Their most recent collaboration is with JPK, who lends his black and white stylings to the tiny CRTs. Styles include a bat-wielding oni, a sakura tree branch, and of course, his own take on Godzilla. These will be available at the Hyper Japan Market on Tobacco Dock, London, this Friday (11/27) through Sunday.

Check out more JPK here and read our interview with Jon-Paul Kaiser in the free digital version of Clutter Magazine here.


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