Posted by Miranda November 02, 2015
Art of the AWESOME Cristina Burns

To celebrate the end of Día de los Muerto, we are shining a big old spotlight on the amazing work of Spanish Artist Cristina Burns.

Born in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain (1982), she moved at a very early age to Italy where her love of the arts became ingrained. Her work, inspired by toys, sweets, skulls and all things kawaii, is a kaleidoscope of delicious imagery and color, intended to stimulate the viewer in the same way that candy makes your mind buzz.

Using photography to capture the surreal landscapes, Burns instills a sense of nostalgia and fun in her work, that pulls you deeper and deeper into her creations. 

Check out her site for more of her work, and keep an eye out here more.

After the Bite.jpg
After the Bite.jpg, by Miranda
Game Over.jpg
Game Over.jpg, by Miranda
Gluttony.jpg, by Miranda
soul mates.jpg
soul mates.jpg, by Miranda



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