Posted by Trustpigs November 18, 2015
DKE Toys‘s Plethora of Releases for DCon!

DesignerCon mainstays DKE Toys will be bringing a plethora of exclusives with them this year to the Pasadena-based convention, mostly of the bootleg action figure variety. With contributions by Alex Pardee, Greg Aronowitz’s BarnYardFX, Buzzard Guts, Credenda Studios, Good For You Toys, Green Plastic Tunnels, Janky Toys, Killer Bootlegs, Luke Chueh, Manny X Romero’s Iconoclast Toys, Junk Fed, Special Ed Toys, Star Case, Suckadelic, TheMarkUltra, and UME Toys, the company’s DCon booth #812 will be debuting over 20 goodies for fans to buy! While a bit daunting to list individually, below is a handy-dandy series of images that provide all the pertinent information you could want!


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