Posted by Trustpigs November 18, 2015
DTA Dunny Show 2 Artist Profile: Jenn & Tony Bot

Whether you know them as Jenn & Tony Bot or simply as The Bots, this husband-and-wife duo surely have impressed you with their cute and colorful designs. Having already created one of the most talked about pieces from last year's DTA Dunny Show, we're thrilled that they accepted our invitation to participate in the DTA Dunny Show 2 — though with them tackling a 20-inch Dunny this time around!

Their pieces, made by sculpting polymer clay over the platform's surface, are surely the work of trained artists… only, it isn't. The Bots were formally educated in Media Informatics, Popular Culture, and Cinema Studies, only their passion for artistic expression driving them to find the designer toy world. Our friends at Kidrobot got the 411 on The Bots, interviewing them in preparation for this year's exhibition, an informative post being able to be read HERE.

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