Posted by Trustpigs December 01, 2015
Kevin Gosselin’s “SockRocks” Available Now!

Kevin Gosselin would like to introduce you to Winston, Victor, and Thaddeus, three lumps of Christmas Coal who are ready to appear in stockings everywhere. Do you know someone who has been especially naughty this year and deserves recognition for their deeds? Let them know just how bad they've been and give them a SockRock.  SockRocks are cast in resin, hand-painted, stand from 2 to 3.5 inches tall, and come in their very own burlap sack. They will be available individually for $20 apiece, in pairs for $25, and as a trio for only $30! Limited to only 30 pieces in each design, make sure to grab one quick so your special someone doesn't miss out on the inaugural year of what is sure to become a Christmas tradition… wait, it already is!  Where have these guys been hiding all these years?


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