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Clutter’s Holiday 2015 Gifting Guide

Need some last-minute inspiration for the holidays? Check out Clutter’s Holiday 2015 Gifting Guide!


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For the Festive - DIY Munny Ornaments

For a lot of families, decorating the Xmas tree is an essential part of the holiday. How about adding an extra step and customizing the ornaments? This kit comes with five Micro Munnys in metallic finishes. Just add your own paint, ink, or stickers!


For the Resin-Curious - Plastik Surgery Handbook

Taking the step from customizing existing platforms to creating your own toys out of resin is a big one. But Lunartik is here to guide you. This book starts from zero; no existing knowledge of toy design or resin casting is needed.


For the Old School Collector - Dalek Space Monkey

If the term “Dalek” brings back memories of Pac-Man-eyed Dunnys faster than it does killer robots for your giftee, then this will do the trick. Dalek returns with pink and grey resin versions of his most recognizable character, each limited to 500 pieces.


For the Old Old School Collector - Loch Ness Monster

We’re going way back with this one. Way back to 1978 to be exact, which is when Stretch Serpent, one of the most sought-after toys in the vintage market hit the shelves. His stretchy body has been lost to time for most figures, and the plastic head is reserved for the 1% of toy collectors. Grab the next best thing with this not-so-official recreation.


For the DIYer - Krink Blindbox

Krink, makers of some amazing art supplies, take a cue from Kidrobot with this blindbox of five pens, markers, and mops, plus a few stickers. It’s pretty much the adult equivalent of Crayola’s 64-piece Crayon set.


For the Disorganized - Multi-Level Display Box

They say that the difference between a hardcore collector and a hoarder is in the presentation. OK, I say that. But either way, this shelving unit will give you and your visitors a better view of your mini-figures. It fits between 10 and 15 3” figures like Androids and Dunnys.


For the Consistently Late - 8” Sketracha Dunny Pre-Order

To be fair, an official release date was never provided so we can't complain too much about delays, but we’ve been waiting a while for Kidrobot’s collaboration with Sket One. The 8” version of Sketracha is slated for release in February. So if your less-than-punctual giftee lives up to his or her reputation, it will arrive just on time.

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For the Star Wars Fan - Boba Def

Believe the hype. Episode VII will restore your faith in humanity. Got a giftee who’s equally in love with Star Wars as he or she is with designer toys? Check out KaNO’s Boba Def.


For the Plushy Hugger - Flat Rooney

Only the heartless could refuse a plushy. And one the cutest plushies currently available is Flat Bonnie’s Flat Rooney, a super cute red panda. It’s 10 inches of dawwww.


For the Avid Reader - Clutter Magazine Subscription

It's the gift that keeps on giving, at least on a monthly basis. Your giftee will receive each issue of Clutter Magazine delivered right to his or her door in glorious, glossy paper. In bed, on the train, or on the toilet, it'll help pass the time and catch you up on everything in the designer toy world. 


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