Posted by Miranda December 30, 2015
Dream Big Yuna Doll

In a new movement to change the "pink" isles of toy stores, Bigshot Toyworks and Uglydoll creators David Hovarth and Sun Min, have teamed up to bring the first Asian-American doll to the shelves. 

Yuna, the first doll in the Dream Big movement, is a taco eating, cat loving, exploring girl that bucks the trend of the fantasy princess dolls  that currently adorn the shelves. One of the co-curators biggest issue with current stock is their unrealistic proportions, and lack of cultural difference; Yuna bucks that trend.

This mission is an expensive one. To take on the big companies, and run production at a high-end level (using Disney audited factories none-the-less), the team need your help to make this project a reality. Choosing the Kickstarter crowd-funding method, the team hope to make it to their $175,000 goal. 

With only 4 days to go, we are asking for your help. We love this amazing figure, and the message behind it is an important one. Go back the project or even just share it with your friends, and lets make this dream a reality!

Check out the project here.

37w9_YunaDevelopmentDreamBigFriends.jpg, by Miranda
37w9_YunaDreamBigFriends3.jpg, by Miranda
37w9_YunaDreamBigFriends2.jpg, by Miranda




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