Posted by Trustpigs January 29, 2016

Twin girls, one wearing an inverted cross while the other curls her fingers into the sign of the horns, a decapitated pig head at their feet. Another girl stands merrily in her Victorian dress, a fuzzy rabbit held in her hands, a bunny mask on her face, and a bounty of human skulls partially obscured by her hemline. A proper looking lad with a thick bone in one hand and a skull grasped by the other, almost like a parody of a drum set. Welcome to the world of Danny van Ryswyk, where these moody and contemplative characters roam free, their darkest desires displayed for all to see.

Tiring of his work in the service of commercial agencies, 20-year veteran photorealistic packaging illustrator Ryswyk began experimenting with 3D-software to create his first digital paintings. As he mastered this digital format, he evolved into utilizing 3D-printers to create sculptures that he painted by hand, resulting in wonderfully original sculptural works with a monotone coloration. Frequently housed within glass bell jars, his works speak macabre volumes while still appearing prim and proper.

Giving the stunningly original nature of his craft, which we first spotted on Hi-Fructose Magazine, we have to wonder why there are no vinyl or resin renditions of his pieces available for art collectors everywhere.

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