Posted by marc January 25, 2016
JPK's Woodsman Resin Up for Preorder 1/29

Ah, the musky scent of lumber. Thanks to JPK's recent Woodsman print being so well received, he decided to create a 3D version of the character. The 4 inch figure is cast in resin and each one is hand painted by the artist himself, making every piece unique. Cast by Evan Morgan, the Woodsman will be boxed, signed, and numbered. A 24 preorder window will be open this Friday at noon UK time. Collectors will have the option of paying the full price of £150 (about $215 USD) or a deposit of £50 ($72), with the outstanding balance due after two weeks when the figures will be ready for delivery. There will also be an alternate gingham colorway available during the same timeframe, though this version is limited whereas the as many editions of the OG colorway as requested during the preorder window will be produced. Go here on Friday to add the Woodsman to your shelf. Between the details on the hair and the pattern on the shirt, how could you say no to this grizzly and rugged guy?

Check out more JPK here | See more resin here


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