Posted by marc January 27, 2016
Taylored Curiosities' Worry Kickstarter Funded!

Congrats to Taylored Curiosities, as their Kickstarter project has more than doubled their goal with 21 days to go! Penny of Taylored Curosities has let us know that she's found a UK-based factory to produce these aromatherapy plushies, though you can rest assured that the 100 originally planned for the Kickstarter will be handmade by Penny herself. "For those who backed early and got one of the 100, thank you so so much, I cannot put in to words how very much I appreciate the success of this campaign and that is all because of you," she says. "For those supporting the campaign from here on, thank you and I will ensure that the factory produced Worry's are just as cute and cuddly as the ones I hand make."

Click here to reserve your very own Worry by Taylored Curiosities!


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