Posted by kristina February 19, 2016
Huck Gee Vannen Blank Watch Full Reveal

Today's the day that you can finally grab the newest watch from Huck Gee and Vannen! The look of the new Blank Watch has finally been revealed and went on sale earlier today. The Blank Watch is matte white and features the face of Gee's Skullhead Blank character in gray and red details. The style of this watch is more minimalistic than Gee's Killing Time Watch that was released several years ago. It's a simple design that stands out and catches our eyes.  

This watch is sold out on Huck Gee's online shop but you can still get yours at! They're available now for $60 each and limited to 150 signed/numbered pieces. 

Read more about Huck Gee here | Read more about Apparel/Fashion here

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