Posted by Miranda February 15, 2016
(In)Action Figures 4 round up @ Clutter Gallery!

This Saturday (Feb 13th) saw the opening of our 4th installment of the  annual "(In)Action Figures" show. This exhibit, intended to elevate the art of action figures / bootlegs and other toy retro toys, recalls the heyday of the Action Figure format – the 1970's and 80's. Pieces are always unique, but often throw back to the OG licenses, Star Wars, G.I. Joe, M.U.S.C.L.E., He-Man/Masters of the Universe, and Mad Balls etc.

The opening, while being one of the coldest days in 100 years, was fun and well attended by fans (some of which drove for over 4 hours to be here - that's dedication) and artists alike.

Participating artists include;

2bitHACK, 8-bit ZOMBIE, Ben Spencer / Galaxxor, BigMan Toys, Credenda Studios, Deimos PMS, DLL Customs, Dollar Slice Bootlegs, Falcontoys, JunkFed, Kaboom Toys, Killer Bootlegs, Manly Art, Nama Niku, October Toys, Re:Action / Super7, Scott Tolleson, Scraped Resin, Special Ed Toys, Super Secret Fun Club, TrapToys, and SUCKADELIC.

All of the remaining pieces from the show are available now online.

A big thank you to all of the attendees and a huge thank you to all of the artists for making this another fantastic exhibition! 

INACTIONFIGURES4_IMG_6912.jpg, by Miranda
INACTIONFIGURES4_IMG_6931.jpg, by Miranda
INACTIONFIGURES4_IMG_6925.jpg, by Miranda
INACTIONFIGURES4_IMG_6939.jpg, by Miranda

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