Posted by marc February 02, 2016
Kickstarter | microscape Cityscape Models

What is this? A city for ants? Actually, it's a new Kickstarter project which recreates NYC on a 1:5000 scale using microscape's own "aerial scan data". "Because we manually process all of that data to make it printable, they can also include buildings still under construction or still in planning," says the company. While this particular Kickstarter campaign recreates New York City, they intend to create teeny weeny versions of other major cities as well. The NYC project will be made up of 200 6x6 inch tiles, so you can pick which areas you'd like to own. If you want to go all in, you'll have to shell out $25,000, which is about one month of rent in NYC anyway, so no biggie. Plenty of rewards are still left and the campaign has raised nearly $45,000 - well over the $8,000 goal. So check it out here and make a pledge if you'd like to own some NYC unreal estate.

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