Posted by marc February 03, 2016
The Little Book of Butts by Attaboy

I don't think you're ready for this jelly. Following up his Book of Hugs, Hi-Fructose co-founder and Dunny artist Attaboy has just released The Little Book of Butts. At 6x6 inches and 48 pages thick, there's enough booty in this collection of illustations to make Tina Belcher swoon. You can grab a signed and numbered copy of this limited release via Hi-Fructose's webstore. Or if you're in the New York area, show your love for the badonkadonk at Attaboy's book tour, locations of which are:

  • February 11 at Desert Island comics in Brooklyn
  • February 12 at AFA Gallery in SoHo
  • February 13 at Haven Art Gallery in Northport, Long Island

Check out more Attaboy here | See more books here


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