Posted by kristina February 11, 2016
Peter Kato Clear Valentine Bunnie Raffle

If you needed another reason to own the February colorway of Peter Kato x Clutter Magazine Bedtime Bunnie, other than it being adorable, here's an even cuter reason. When you purchase this Bedtime Bunnie, you're automatically entered into a raffle to win a limited edition Valentine Bunnie! Limited to four pieces, these Bedtime Bunnies are 4 inches tall and are made of clear color resin with a red heart. It's perfect for giving to that special someone or to keep for your collection!

The raffle will be drawn on February 13, 2016, at 7 PM at PIQ Grand Central. Kato will be at the store with goodies in tow for attendees. There's still time to purchase a Bedtime Bunnie in time for the raffle-get yours at PIQ's website by clicking here while supplies last!

Read more about Peter Kato here | Red more about Resin toys here



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