Posted by Miranda March 01, 2016
Aleppin Dracula by Nugglife

Every so often there is a custom toy that catches the hearts and imaginations of many, and with a quick glance at the image above you instantly know that is this one of them! 

Presenting the "Aleppin Dracula", a custom creation by Nugglife (Ian Ziobrowski, 2015 Designer Toy Awards, winner of Custom of the Year) created on Jermain Rodgers Aleppin Sane figure base. Originally created as a commission for Martian Toys, the response was overwhelming, so they brought it back!  

Beautifully somber, in a monotone color palette with a pop of red, it draws you in like a film noir classic. The execution (as always with Ziobrowski) is stunning! 

Limited to 10 pieces, you can pre-order your copy from Martian Toys now for $350. 

drac2.jpg, by Miranda
vamp1.jpg, by Miranda

Learn more about Nugglife here | Learn more about Jermaine Rodgers here. 


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