Posted by kristina March 24, 2016
Flat Bonnie Easter Plushes

Are you looking to adopt a rabbit for Easter this weekend? Flat Bonnie says "Adopt A Plush - Save A Bunny" instead! There are five plushes available this spring that you can adopt. Choose between one of three bunnies (including a lop-eared rabbit), a baby chick, or a baby duck. All five are made with premium luxe fleece so you know they're super soft to the touch.

Flat Bonnie has always spoken against animal cruelty as well as constantly speaking about the importance of animal rescues and adoption. Around Easter, many rabbits are given as gifts however only a few will see one year with their adopted families. A lot of people don't realize that having a rabbit as a pet is a long-term commitment; when properly cared for a rabbit can live 10+ years!

Many rabbits, after Easter, are abandoned or neglected after the holiday while some end up in a shelter. Flat Bonnie's "Adopt  A Plush - Save A Bunny" campaign is a fun way to spread awareness about the dangers of gifting rabbits as well are educate animal adoption. Not to mention, like other Flat Bonnie toys these are super cute! 

Each plush is $23 each and will be available through April. Like previous Flat Bonnie releases, a portion of these sales will be donated to animal and rabbit rescue organizations. You can order them now on Flat Bonnie's website!

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