Posted by Miranda March 18, 2016
"Iron Monster" a Kenth Toy Works Custom

Kenth Toy Works is gearing up to take pre-orders of his latest custom MISCREATIONTOYS『Iron Monster』

Standing at a gigantic 14" tall, the base figure "Iron Monster" by Miscreation Toys features 4 points of articulation (arms, neck, waist) and is a homage to Dr Zorka's robot in the 1939 scifi/ horror B-movie “The Phantom Creeps”. Taking this figure to the next level, Kenth has applied his signature sprays and dot pattern to the exterior and added a resin zombie [Rob Zombie] head!  

Priced at $300 (excluding shipping fees), the pre-order window is from March 19th (Sat) 0:00 to March 25th (Fri) 23:00 (Japan time). To enter email your Name, Address, Phone No and Email to

Read more about Kenth Toy Works | Read more about Sofubi

S__26181635.jpg, by Miranda
S__26181636.jpg, by Miranda
S__26181637.jpg, by Miranda



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