Posted by kristina March 23, 2016
Juan Muniz Pink UHOH Felipe

It's like the Easter Bunny with a twist! This version of UHOH Felipe by Juan Muniz is a whole bunch of cuteness that I can't say no to. Felipe is a character created by Muniz and you can see him in many of Muniz's illustrations and paintings. Over the past year, Felipe has jumped from being 2 dimensional and can be now collected  as a vinyl toy! There have been other colorways but this pink version is just so cute, not to mention all the bright colors are perfect for spring and Easter!

Pink UHOH Felipe is limited to 200 pieces and will be available at WonderCon 2016 at DeKorner (booth #726) According to Muniz you'll only be able to get one during certain conventions. You won't be able to get them online or in store afterward, so if you're going to Wondercon be sure to get yours!

Read more about vinyl toys here


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