Posted by marc March 31, 2016
Konatsu Art Show at Q Pop

It's almost here. Q Pop is about to be invaded by an army of sofubi kittens. The Konatsu Exhibition features art, toys, and customs which can be purchased by fans. Participating artists include P.P. Pudding, Devilrobots, Uamou, Touma, T9G, Shoko Nakazawa, and plenty more. Exclusive pink and white Negoras and Migoras will be available too. The opening ceremony is tomorrow, April 1, at 7PM, and Konatsu herself will be holding a signing the next day. Items will be available online on Friday at midight Pacific time. The exhibition will be on display until April 24. Check out the gallery below for a preview!

Check out more Konatsu here | See more sofubi here


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