Posted by marc March 07, 2016
McSupersized Grin Custom

Remember that creepy-as-shit set of Teletubbies that JPK customized for ToyCon UK last year? Things got even creepier with his latest custom, painted atop Ron English's McSupersized Grin. Jon-Paul Kaiser's client asked for something dark and happened to be the collector who purchased the Teletubby set. In an effort to keep this new piece thematically linked with the set, he added a Teletubby hand-puppet to the already unsettling clown. "The Grin himself also features some subtle GID-paint details, such as tears streaming from his eyes, and drool from his mouth and lips," points out JPK. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to some glowing clown drool...

Photo credit: Justin Allfree

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