Posted by kristina March 02, 2016
Peter Kato Bunnie Mini-Peg & Enamel Pin Reveal

As we previously posted, the next Bedtime Bunnie release by Peter Kato and Clutter will be released at myplasticheart at a special signing this Friday. Along with the new Bedtime Bunnie Cotton Candy colorway launch, there will be the debut of two new products at the signing!

We heard about Bunnie Mini-Pegs, a new figure designed by Kato that will be included with the purchase of a Bedtime Bunnie at myplasticheart. These Mini-Pegs are made of resin and look like a smaller flat version of the Bedtime Bunnie, without their own pair of slippers. And if you need more bunnies, there will also be the debut of Kato's first enamel pin! The pin is 1 inch in size and sports a sleepy Kato bunny on the myplasticheart logo-so cute!

The Bedtime Bunnie Cotton Candy vinyl and the enamel pin will first go on sale at Kato's signing on March 4, 2016. Any leftover will be posted on myplasticheart's website the following day. The vinyl toy will be $39.99 each and the pin will be $7.99 each.

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