Posted by kristina March 29, 2016
Super 7 Clear Honoo & Drunk Seijin Springtime

Super 7 just continues to release new toys this month! Going on sale this Thursday will be two new colorways of Honoo and Seijin, both part of Super 7's Monster Family line. The latest Honoo, designed by Leecifer, is made of clear vinyl with black and silver spray paint that show off details of "protector of children both young and old." And after close to four years since the last release, Drunk Seijin, designed by KaToPe, will be making a return with a new Springtime colorway! This newest version of Drunk Seijin is made of pink vinyl with red and metallic blue. 

Both are 4 inches tall but as of today, there's not information on price. Clear Honoo and Drunk Seijin Springtime will go on sale on Super 7's website and store on March 31, 2016, at 12 PM PST.

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