Posted by marc March 23, 2016
Super7 Ghost Ghoul Skeletor

Super7 is doubling up on releases this week, and the first is something you don't see every day: A Super7 toy cast in pastel vinyl. The Mixed Parts Mystery Easter Egg Fighter is a variant of Brian Flynn's Cyclobot figure with mismatched heads, bodies, and arms. I'm loving these pastel colors, and it gets even funkier. These guys come packaged in a big Easter egg. Check out Super7 at noon Pacific on 3/24 to pick one up for $65.

Next up is your favorite childhood toy that never was. Ghost Ghoul Skeletor is a GID version of Super7's Masters of the Universe tribute. While this one launches on Friday at Wondercon, it will be available online and in Super7 retail stores on Saturday.

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