Posted by marc March 24, 2016
Monster Burp Vinyl Toy

When designing and prototyping a toy, you've got to take balance into account. And we're not just talking about compositional balance. Weighting your toy so that it stands on its own can be tough, especially if your design is lopsided or skewed. Peskimo's Monster Burp from 2007 did a great job of making a visually interesting toy while Crazy Label produced the toy's components in a way that didn't make what looks like a top-heavy toy fall on its side. Monster Burp consisted of two pieces: a monster and his burp. The monster beared a passing resemblance to Bub and Bob from Taito's Bubble Bobble series, his eyes squinting in pain as a giant and ghostly burp emanates. The dejected-looking belch featured a sad face and limp arms. This piece could actually be switched out for a smaller burp, which had a happier design. Monster Burp really captured the mid-2000s vinyl aesthetic by being cute, bizarre, and just a little bit dark.

The toy was produced in two colorways. The original version sported blue accents and was limited to 600 pieces while the second version had green highlights and a glow-in-the-dark burp. Retailing for just under $30, you'll pay a bit more than that now. If you can find one, expect to shell between $50 and $70. Personally, the unique balance - both in composition and weight distribution - makes it worth the asking price.

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