Posted by Miranda April 05, 2016
Collect & Display go full throttle at Toy Con UK!!

Toy Con 2016 is just around the comer. In fact, it's so close you can smell it!

Opening its doors this Saturday, April 9th , is the UK's largest con dedicated to everything Toy, Toy Con UK! This years line up is seriously killer, so if you don't have a ticket yet, what the hell are you waiting for?? Buy some here.

Aside from ToyCon's already killer line up, Collect and Display is making more than worth your time, so here is a quick cheat sheet of what they have available - better get there lickety split:

- Quiccs 3” BabyTEQ ‘Campus Heartthrob’  - Edition of 10 pieces - £40.00

1.jpg, by Miranda

- 3.5” Star Man UAMOU (GID) – Edition of 10 pieces - £30.00

2.jpg, by Miranda

Wetworks 3.8” Warbrook (GID) – Edition of 10 - £50.00 

3.JPG, by Miranda

 – Wetworks x Yoii - 7” Pugrider (Cream Edition) - These are from a previously sold out release. Wetworks has given us the final five pieces to sell at ToyCon  - £105.00

4.jpg, by Miranda

 – 3.5” Gummy Bear Hugo - A special run of 20 Blind Bagged Hugos in bright colours filled with glitter - Blue - 10 pieces / Purple - 8 pieces / Green - 2 pieces - £20.00 each. 

5.jpg, by Miranda

- Stuart Harris presents his ‘Daughters of Ra’ Custom Series. ! £120.00 Each. All made from 4" Trikky, Munny and Kracka parts, customised with polymer clay and painted with acrylics.

- Mafdet, Cheetah, Goddess of justice, 5”

- Pakhet, Caracal, Protectoress of mothers and children, 6"

- Sekhmet, Lioness, Goddess of destruction, 5"

unspecified.jpg, by Miranda

Nimbus Daydream Lime – Edition of 45 pieces - £25.00

1.jpg, by Miranda

 – Peter Kato x Clutter 6” Vinyl Bedtime Bunnies – Edition of 45 pieces - £35.00 (See post here for more images)

2.jpg, by Miranda

Fufufanny – 4.7” Romeo – 15 pieces available exclusively via us with a larger release to follow later in the year from the artist directly - £20.00 

blkbww.jpg, by Miranda

Seulgie special ToyCon UK 4.5” Cocoa Satyr – Edition of 5 - £95.00

DSC00921-1.jpg, by Miranda

3.5” White Galaxy Star Uamou. Edition of 15 - £30.00

starwindow_06.jpg, by Miranda

Mark Nagata Customs! 

- TriPasu - £85

- Mini clear rainbow Captain Maxx - £30

- Saikobi Dino - £140.00



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