Posted by marc April 14, 2016
Sticky Monster Lab

"Pear shaped" is often used as a perjorative, but for Sticky Monster Lab it's a term of endearment. In 2011 the Korean creative team launched a series of art toys based on their animation, The Monsters. Cast in vinyl and accessorized with ABS extras, the first series was comprised of a robot operator, a football player, a hiker, and an urban dweller. Later series drew from subcultures like sneakerheads and skaters, and some even came with their own hoodies. It was the perfect combo of urban vinyl and cute Asian aesthetics. Collaborations of the platform were later introduced, including projects with Adventure Time and (uhg) Playboy. The 6 inch figures were a bit on the pricey side, ringing in at about $60. Luckily, the original series can be had for about that price, even five years after their original release. Newer variants are still available from the SML web store.

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